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Marketing - Case 1.3 - Case 3 The George-Yourself...

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Case 3 The George-Yourself Environment 1. I do not believe that this article reflects an ethical issue in marketing. The only standard that food marketers may be violating is by having false advertisement for their nutritional facts, but these lawsuits are still standing and are not sure if these advertisements are completely wrong. 2. I believe that consumers themselves are responsible for consumer dietary practices. Although Dr. Kelly Brownell, a professor at Yale stated, “In a culture where serving sizes are mammoth, attractive foods are ubiquitous, bargains are abundant and variety is not just the spice but the staple of life, many researchers say, it is no surprise that waistlines are expanding.” Although I do believe in this, it is totally up to the consumer to consume what they want to eat. Food marketers are not forcing people to eat their fattening foods. Although where ever you go to eat, you will most likely be surrounded by unhealthy foods; however there are always healthier options. Steve Anderson, the president and chief executive of the National restaurant Association stated, “If you don’t want a large hamburger in a restaurant, usually there is a smaller hamburger. You can get a grilled chicken sandwich in almost any restaurant I’ve ever been in. There are the options there and it’s for the individual to decide. They are simply putting their foods on the markets, and we as consumers are deciding what foods we want to eat. All the blame should not go on food marketers. A large majority of the obesity rate in America has to do with a person’s lack of exercise, poor eating habits, as well as genetic influences. 3.
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Marketing - Case 1.3 - Case 3 The George-Yourself...

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