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Marketing - Case 2.1

Marketing - Case 2.1 - Case The Science of Shopping The...

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Case: The Science of Shopping: The Obvious Isn’t Always Apparent 1. I think that more men than women buy the jeans they try on because like myself, I do not like shopping and trying on clothes. So if the jeans I try on fit semi-comfortably, I will most likely buy that pair instead of browsing all over again and looking for another pair that may look and/or fit better. Also when it comes to fashion, women are more on top of their game. Women will need to try on many different pairs of jeans to try to find the best pair, where it may take them many stores to find the pair they had in mind, where I would just pick a pair that looked semi-good with out trying on many different pairs. I believe that more browser buy computers after 5PM rather than in the morning because the majority of people that would be buying a computer would most likely be an adult. The majority of adults have a full time job, which generally has the work day ending around 5PM, which is when they may be browsing for a computer after work. Even if its not an adult that may be purchasing the computer, many children and teenagers will need to wait for their parents to get home from work to get their approval of the computer, or maybe even transportation to the store to pick up the computer.
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