Marketing - Case 2.3

Marketing - Case 2.3 - Case Which Coke Is It 1 I feel as if...

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Case: Which Coke Is It 1. I feel as if the underlying influence that caused the consumer backlash against the new Coke was not the complete hundred percent satisfactions of all of their customers to prefer the new Coke. In a widespread survey comparing the new and old cokes, 55 percent of nearly 200,000 respondents said they liked the new version. However the other 45 percent preferred the older one. One good thing about the new Coke however was that over half of Pepsi drinkers choose the new Coke over their old favorite, Pepsi Cola. Although this was a good increase by taking the sales of their competitor, over 40,000 consumers had phoned Coke letting them know that their new recipe is worse than the old one. The company thus had to mail free six-back bottle coupons to those customers, and losing money on their new Coke bottle. Although Coke sales were 8 percent higher than the same month a year before, Coke felt as if the other 45 percent who didn’t like the new Coke are now drinking another brand of soda, thus losing a large percent of their previous sales which included this 45 percent who don’t like the
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Marketing - Case 2.3 - Case Which Coke Is It 1 I feel as if...

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