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Marketing - Case 2.4 - Case: Procter & Gamble The Sign...

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Case: Procter & Gamble – The Sign and the Symbol 1. Since 1976, Proctor and Gamble has been plagued by a spotty, nagging serious of rumors that link Procter and Gamble with cults or religious subcultures. These rumors are all concerned with the trademark that the firm has used for over 100 years on all its products. This mark depicts a group of thirteen starts enclosed in a circle, in which is shown a bearded man in the moon. According to Procter and Gamble, this logo evolved from shipping practices along the Ohio and other Midwestern rives. Illiterate dock workers identified wooden crates of Procter and Gamble’s Star brand candles by placing crude plus marks on them so shippers would know whose product they were handling and where it should go. Later, when Procter and Gable began putting identifying starts on each box, artistic stevedores drew circles around them and added other decorations. Procter and Gable then made a stencil of the moon mad as a more elaborate crate mark but when someone erased the face on several boxes, a New Orleans’s wholesales protested that he would only trust shipments that had the full Procter and
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Marketing - Case 2.4 - Case: Procter & Gamble The Sign...

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