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Marketing - Case 3.1

Marketing - Case 3.1 - Case 9 Image Strategy and E.K...

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Case 9 Image Strategy and E . K . Korvettes 1. After about two years of success , Bob Bernstein of Korvettes’s thought it would be a good idea to implement a new company merchandising strategy . This strategy consisted of enhancing Korvettes’s image and to place the stores in more direct competition with stores offering higher-prices fashion goods . Grey Advertising Agency promoted a new image that Korvettes’s management hoped would replace its previous one of a hard-goods discounter . This new theme highlighted fashion soft goods , as well as pushing the idea that the store was more than just a conventional store , but also a store that offered better style and quality in men’s , women’s , and children’s clothing . Sales at first started out well for a short time , until Bob Bernstein noticed a small but steady decline in monthly sales . Korvette has created a survey to try to figure out why their sales have been declining . However , within that year , Korvettes had been sold to Agache-Willot . Although Korvette is no longer in business , the company wanted to keep its excellent image in hard goods ,
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