Notes 10.14

Notes 10.14 - -Closely related to ego and self...

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Maslow: Positive: + good general starting point + versatile, applicable to many producte/servers + tells marketers where to focus appeals + justifies different appeals for different segments + consistent with intuition, common sense Negative: - same priority for everyone? - culture-bound? - how empirically measure? - circular reasoning, no refutation? - mixes conscious and unconscious, voluntary and involuntary - commonly unmet needs motivate? greed? A Trio of Needs: Power -individuals desire to control environment Affiliation -Need for friendship, acceptance, and belonging Achievement -Need to personal accomplishment
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Unformatted text preview: -Closely related to ego and self actualization needs Defense Mechanism: Methods by which people mentally redefine frustrating situations…etc… Repression:-unconscious forgetting of desires, frustrations, problems, painful memories Aggression :-socially acceptable/socially unacceptable Rationalization :-unconsciously re-define the situation Regression :-childish/immature Withdrawal:-frustrated? Don’t even try! Projection:-failure? Blame other! Autism :-retreat into fantasy world Identification:-we fail? Make others success ours!...
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Notes 10.14 - -Closely related to ego and self...

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