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Reading report 1 - Vanessa Chew 5 octobre 2010 Reading...

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Vanessa Chew 5 octobre 2010 Reading Report #1 I read the first two chapters of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in French: Orgueil et préjugés. These two chapters introduce the reader to the backdrop of the entire novel. In it, we see the character of Mr and Mrs Bennet being developed. Mrs Bennet gossips about the arrival of a rich, single young man to a nearby country-house, relevant to the Bennets as they have five unmarried daughters and no sons to inherit. Mr Bennet, being rather reclusive and sarcastic, pretends that this is no big deal – and Mrs Bennet, being rather much more excitable, is frustrated by his apparent lack of concern for his daughters. But in Chapter 2, it is revealed that Mr Bennet has indeed made contact with the young man, to the delight of Mrs Bennet and their daughters. I chose to read this book because its French version easily available online in eBook format; and also, because it’s one of my perennial favorites. And because I have the English version, it makes it slightly easier to understand the French prose. The parts that were easy to read fell into two categories. The first consists of lines that
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Reading report 1 - Vanessa Chew 5 octobre 2010 Reading...

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