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Chew 1 Vanessa Chew Adrienne Damiani German R5A November 6, 2010 Lessing’s Emilia Galotti Lessing’s work, based on the Roman tragedy of Virginia (which is referenced in the story!), is considered one of the finest works of German literature. The Roman story focused more on the politics (cite: foreword), but Lessing chose to focus on the sadness of a murder to save virtue, which he felt was sad enough. Indeed, the tragedy is still felt amongst audiences today, and has not lost its poignancy through time. A natural reaction to such an untimely death is the need to lay the primary blame on a character. So who is it that the audience should point fingers at? It may seem easy to blame Marinelli, who is, after all, the mastermind behind the various schemes to trap Emilia. Yet the Prince’s role in this matter cannot be discounted, for it is his initial desire that is the catalyst for the unfortunate series of events. And Odoardo also plays a key role: he is the one who eventually deals the deathblow, stabbing his daughter in his struggle between his love for her and his love for her virtue. [Then there is Emilia herself, who suggests the sacrifice of her own life for the sake of her innocence (save for final paper). Among the mix of these four key people are the minor characters in the play – most notably the Countess Orsina, who provides the weapon (minor characters, save for final paper) .] This analysis must begin with an investigation into the three main male characters; then can the rational behind their actions be inferred. But the repercussions of their actions do not 1
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Chew 2 simply stand alone; they are inextricably linked to others’ actions, whether by direct or oblique influence. (Rewrite this paragraph to make it more relevant, currently sounds too abstract). We begin with the Prince, the starting point of the tragedy: greedy, useless/ineffectual, careless/disorganized/heavily reliant on advisers. List Prince’s actions: desiring Emilia (greed), giving someone her petition just because she is named Emilia (ineffectual), “my impending
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Paper 3 v1 - Chew 1 Vanessa Chew Adrienne Damiani German...

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