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Essay Grading Rubric Clarity/ Style Can I follow the argument/ train of thought? Is there a clear thesis statement with supporting arguments? Does the paper have a beginning, middle and end? Is there consistency in punctuation usage throughout the paper? /35 Grammar Is there subject-verb agreement? Is there correct use of punctuation? Did the writer use words appropriately in the essay? Are citations used correctly and appropriately? Is the style (MLA, Chicago, etc.) consistent throughout the
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Unformatted text preview: paper? /30 Task Did the writer complete the task as assigned? Does the topic/ subject of the essay relate to the assignment? /10 Formatting Is the paper double-spaced? Is the word count listed at the end of the paper? Is there a name and title of the essay listed at the beginning? /15 Peer Review Are two peer review sheets included with the essay? Did the writer complete peer reviews for two other students? /10 Total Points: / 100...
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