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Chem 3A - Fall 2010 Dr. Steven Pedersen MIDTERM EXAM SEATING Monday, October 4 7:00 – 9:00 pm Monday, November 8 7:00 – 9:00 pm Students must bring their Cal student photo ID for admission to the exams. Seating for the exams will be done alphabetically. Students must sit in their assigned seating in order to get an exam. Each student should be sure to turn in their exam to their assigned proctor. Left and right refer to your left and right as you face the front of the room, i.e., as you sit in the seats. Rows are counted from the front of the room. Please sit in alternate seats as directed by the proctors. The exam will begin promptly at 7:00 pm and end at 9:00 pm. Name Room Location Row Abalos - Azpeitia 155 Dwinelle Front Right 1-5 Bailey - Byun 155 Dwinelle
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Unformatted text preview: Right 6-10 Cabal - Chavez 155 Dwinelle Right 11-14 Chen - Chung 155 Dwinelle Back Right 15-19 Cohen - Dinh 155 Dwinelle Front Left 1-5 Do - Fu 155 Dwinelle Left 6-10 Galace - Greenway 155 Dwinelle Left 11-14 Guillen - Hosseini 155 Dwinelle Back Left 15-19 Hubbard - Jong 145 Dwinelle Front Right 1-4 Kaesler - Koek 145 Dwinelle Back Right 5-12 Kray - Levin 145 Dwinelle Back Left 5-12 Li -Ly 145 Dwinelle Front Left 1-4 Ma Murrietta 1 Pimentel Front Right A-E Nadal Owings 1 Pimentel Right F-I Pacione Pieper 1 Pimentel Back Right M-P Plaha Ryoo 1 Pimentel Right J-L Sadovnikova Sritanyaratana 1 Pimentel Back Left M-P Stachnik - Trang 1 Pimentel Left J-L Trejo Withers 1 Pimentel Left F-I Wolf Zimmermann 1 Pimentel Front Left A-E...
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