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French reading assignments info-Fall-1

French reading assignments info-Fall-1 - FRENCH 1 2 READING...

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F RENCH 1 & 2 R EADING A SSIGNMENTS At this point you have learned enough vocabulary and grammatical structures to do some reading independently of the class. The more you read in French the faster your progress will be in learning the language. In order to get you started in developing a reading habit in French, I am asking you to go to the French Department Library in 4229 Dwinelle (other end of the hall from the French Department Office) and to explore the many magazines, newspapers, journals, and books available for your enjoyment. (Library hours are posted on the library door.) Feel free to browse and select whatever material you are most interested in reading —it can be a book, short story, magazine article, newspaper article, collection of poems, etc. For French 1 students, one accessible choice is the Tintin series of bandes dessinées. You may be familiar with these illustrated stories—they are extremely popular in France and other francophone countries.
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