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U NIVERSITY OF C ALIFORNIA , B ERKELEY D EPARTMENT OF F RENCH French 1 and 2 Oral Exams — Student Information In order to assess your progress in learning to speak French, we reserve one class day at the middle and at end of the semester to give you an oral exam, consisting of an individual interview lasting 5 or 6 minutes. The purpose of this information sheet is to familiarize you with the oral exam and the criteria that are used in determining your grade. 1) How much do the oral exams count? The midterm and final oral exams each count 5% of your total course grade. 2) What will the exam be like? The interview will focus on your ability to engage in a conversation about general topics that have been addressed in the readings and compositions during the semester. The interviews will not be structured around grammar, but will nonetheless involve use of verb tenses and structures you have studied. Since this will be a conversation, be prepared to participate fully
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