Fall R5A syllabus

Fall R5A syllabus - Sex, Love and the Death of Romance?...

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Sex, Love and the Death of Romance? German Literature Across the Ages German R5B, sec. 003 Adrienne Damiani 262 Dwinelle 5407 Dwinelle Hall TTh 3:30-5:00pm [email protected] Office hours: T 10-11am, W 2:00-3:00pm, Th 11-12am; or by appointment Course Description The focus of this course is first and foremost reading and composition, meaning the close reading and analysis of texts and the composition of clear arguments. These two components are crucial to university studies (hence this required course). In this course, we discuss and practice reading and composition through a series of workshops devoted to relevant topics about grammar, rhetoric and style, and through specific literary examples and practice of these skills. Roughly half of each meeting will be devoted to a workshop, the other half to a text as listed in the course schedule (with a break in between). The theme of this reading and composition course is the discussion of the question “Is romantic love dead?” The topic will be explored by looking at what C.S. Lewis considered the creation of romantic love (i.e. Minnesang), its development over time in German literature, and reading recent German works with themes and/or depictions of “romantic love.” We will look at depictions of love in its various forms, both consummated and idyllic, across the centuries beginning with the medieval courtly lyric and ending with Elfriede Jelinek’s novella Lust . Works by Foucault, Arthur Schnitzler, Bernard Schlink and others will be included in this course. Texts All of the texts for this course are included in the course reader, available at the Copy Central on Bancroft. Any additional materials will be proved as photocopies or as .pdf documents on bspace. Grades The grades will be based upon four written assignments (details below), peer editing worksheets, and participation. Attendance for each session is expected . 3 or more absences may affect your overall grade and more than 5 absences may result in the failure of the course. Continual tardiness may impact a student’s participation grade and may count as 1/3 of an absence. All
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Fall R5A syllabus - Sex, Love and the Death of Romance?...

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