Sociology 168- Final Review

Sociology 168- Final Review - Chapter 6 What was Karl Marxs...

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Chapter 6 What was Karl Marx’s early life like? Who was Ludwig von Wesphalen? Also know how Ludwig Feurerback and Adam Smith influenced Marx. Who was Friedrich Engles? How important was Engles to Marx? Be prepared to discuss the history and relationship that Marx had with Engles. Chapter 7 What is capital? Why is Marx unique as a classical sociologist? Read and know the sections on the “Nature of Social Theory” and the “Characteristics of All Societies”. Be sure you know Marx’s basic Theoretical Methodology, especially the four characteristics of his dialectical materialism. Why is Marx’s methodology unique? Read the section on Bourgeoisie and Proletarians. Who are they? Why did Marx say that “the history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles? What did Marx believe about different social orders? How did capitalism emerge? Was capitalism a historical accident for Marx? How did Marx describe the truly revolutionary nature of the capitalism mode of production? What were Marx’s two most famous predictions with regard to the ultimate demise of the capitalism system? Why was the concept of private property so important in Marx’s scheme? What series of stages did Marx see societies passing through in his scheme? Know table 7.1 and be prepared to discuss each of these stages. Also know the chronological sequence of Marx’s basic model of stratification, class, conflict, and change as shown in Figure
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Sociology 168- Final Review - Chapter 6 What was Karl Marxs...

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