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Social reality is also an object of perception according to objectivists Second stage must be brought in in order to construct objective reality- that is it must include a sociology of perception of the social world (construction of vision of the world) o These points of view depend on the vision of the agent and the position that he or she has in that space o Carried out through structural constraints o World sometimes seen as “taken for granted”, perceived as natural This is due to nature of agents and their Habitus Habitus is a structure of the mind characterized by a set senses, in other words how they perceive the world is the product of the internalization of the structures of the world (ex. taste People tend to view the world naturally Ex. People cannot see the wood from the tree o Representations of agents vary with their position and with their habitus, as a system of schemes of perception, cognative and evaluative structures Habitus implies a “sense of one’s place” as well as “a sense of the
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