Soc 169 Exam 3

Soc 169 Exam 3 - Soc169Exam3Review I .ConflictTheory a i...

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Soc 169 Exam 3 – Review I. Structural Functionalism vs. Conflict Theory a. Structural Functionalism i. Society persisting ii. Well integrated iii. All parts contribute to whole iv. Consensual Relations b. Conflict Theory i. Change Constant/Normal ii. Every Moment = Social Conflict iii. All parts contribute to change iv. Constraint over Consensus c. Are they opposed or reconcilable? i. Can conflict be functional? d. Which is more satisfactory and why? II. Emotions a. Why emotions are structured i. How we  identify 1. Labeling… a. Our emotions b. Others emotions 2. Interpreting
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ii. Situational Cues: 1. How we know what to feel a. Appropriate Intensity b. Duration? 2. How we know what is not appropriate to feel b. Emotion Work: i. How we learn to express correct emotion ii. How we learn to manage emotion III. Pierre Bordieu a. Habitus i. Sets of Repertoires 1. Structural Element ii. Sets of Strategies
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Soc 169 Exam 3 - Soc169Exam3Review I .ConflictTheory a i...

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