Love and Dev of Sexual Relationships #2

Love and dev of sexual relationships 2

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Unformatted text preview: Difficult to define Difficult Can mean different things to different Can people people Difficult to measure W HAT IS LOVE ? HAT OVE Rubin’s “love scale” Rubin’s 3 components Attachment : desire for physical presence & Attachment emotional support emotional Caring : concern for each other’s well-being Intimacy : desire for close & confidential Intimacy communication communication Some validity to this measure Weak lovers made less eye contact than Weak strong lovers strong Passionate love (infatuation, or romance) Intense psychological feelings Physiological arousal Typically, strong sexual desire Early in relationship; avoid conflict, overlook Early faults; complete fulfillment faults; Short – lived…transition to different love, or Short ending of relationship ending TYPES OF LOVE TYPES TYPES OF LOVE contd TYPES Companionate love Friendly affection & deep attachment Extensive familiarity & thoughtful Extensive appreciation with tolerance for shortappreciation comings Commitment to nurturing & problemsolving More enduring than passionate love More Richer, more meaningful sexuality Romantic love present in all cultures Sternberg’s triangular theory Sternberg’s 3 components Passion = motivation that fuels romance, Passion attraction,& desire attraction,& Intimacy = sense of bondedness ,warmth,sharing,closeness ,warmth,sharing,closeness Commitment = conscious decision to Commitment love & maintain relationship love Sternberg’s triangular theory contd Sternberg’s Passion builds, intensifies, then fades; & Passion commitment continue to build Presence or absence of different components Presence account for variations in kinds of love account Research limited, but some support especially Research for intimacy & commitment as predictors of stability stability Conce...
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