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Love and Dev of Sexual Relationships #2

Physical aesthetically pleasing aesthetically infant

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Unformatted text preview: ntion attention - ↓s likelyhood of rejection Physical attractiveness Physical - Aesthetically pleasing Aesthetically * infant studies demonstrate early preference for attractiveness preference - “what’s beautiful is good” belief - Status by association - Physical attractiveness contd Physical - Most important in early stages of a relationship Most People may consider physical attractiveness to People be an indice of physical health Cross-culturally heterosexual males physical Cross-culturally attractiveness attractiveness * sociobiology-behavior is explained in terms of its evolutionary needs (Buss) terms * men are more attracted to young physically attractive females to maximize reproductive success success * Women more attracted to older, established men to maximize their reproductive success * some data support this though both sexes value kindness, understanding and intelligence more that attractiveness that The Development of intimacy The Self-love - genuine interest, concern, respect for self genuine - prerequisite for a satisfying relationship with others with The phases of a relationship - Inclusion : an invitation to relate Inclusion - Response : agreeing to relate Response - Care : genuine concern for another’s Care welfare welfare -Trust : belief that each will promote growth & stability of relationship - affection : feelings of warmth & attachment; desire for physical closeness attachment; - playfulness : display of delight & pleasure in each other in - genitality : decision to experience genital sex sex Issues in loving Relationships Issues Relationship between love & sex - several possibilitie...
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  • Cross-culturally attractiveness attractiveness, Physical attractiveness Physical, Physical attractiveness contd, LOVE contd TYPES

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