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Love and Dev of Sexual Relationships #2

Marriage marriage individual and relationship growth

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Unformatted text preview: successful marriage, shared interests, both partners report sexual satisfaction, adequate income, woman not pregnant at marriage marriage Individual and relationship growth Individual Growth and change maintain relationship Growth vitality vitality Couple in growing relationships confront Couple and overcome obstacles and * view problems as challenges * negotiate and renegotiate what they want * accept each other as unique accept Sexual Variety: An important ingredient ingredient • • • • • • • Communication is critical Avoid routines and places Be spontaneous Plan for intimate time Don’t question abnormality of an act as long as it Don’t gives pleasure and does not cause pain gives Don’t worry about frequent “standards” Read book on sexual technique Self-love vs Narcissism Self-love Self –love – same as self esteem, Self enhances a person’s ability to love others enhances Narcissism – an exaggerated concern with Narcissism one’s own self image and how one appears to others not with one’s own or others true feelings others (Katz 1998) (Katz...
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