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Love and Dev of Sexual Relationships #2

Relationship do men women have different views of sex

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Unformatted text preview: s several - question to ask question * does sexual intimacy deepen a love relationship? relationship? * do men & women have different views of sex & love? sex Does sexual orientation affect views of sex & love? views heterosexuals and homosexuals share many relationship dimensions many Homosexual men more likely to separate Homosexual love from sex; lesbians more likely to postpone sex until intimacy has been established established Falling in love with a same sex person Falling often supplies key element in gay of lesbian identity Sex & relationships on your terms Sex Each person has to decide how to express his or Each her own sexuality her - Steps to take * Knowing what you want Knowing * asking for what you want * saying ‘not yet’ to sex –women expect to wit longer longer * ending a relationship ending * managing rejection managing * unrequited love unrequited - Jealousy in relationships Jealousy Definition : an aversive feeling in reponse to a Definition real or imagined relationship between one’s partner & another person Jealousy prone person * low self – esteem low * places high value on wealth, fame, popularity, attractiveness attractiveness Negative consequences * precipitates violence against partner precipitates * stifles development of relationship & associated pleasure pleasure * anxiety, depression, anger damaged selfanxiety, image numerous gender difference in triggers, experiences, & coping with jealousy experiences, Maintaining Relationship Satisfaction Satisfaction Ingredients in a lasting love relationship Ingredients - self-acceptance self-acceptance - appreciation of each other’s qualities - commitment - good communication - realistic expectations - share interests share - ability to face & deal with conflict ability Recent survey; parents both with Recent...
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