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Unformatted text preview: Johny Nguyen October 26th, 2010 CS 473 Homework 3 Downey Problem 1 Use the Pumping Lemma for Regular languages to show that is not regular. Assume L is regular. Let p be the pumping length given by the pumping lemma. Let s be the string apbapba2p. The pumpling lemma guarantees that s can be split into three pieces s = xyz. Let x and z be the empty strings. That would mean y would have to consist of either of the following: 1. s contains only a’s or only b’s 2. s contains both but not enough of each Both would imply that the pieces are not in L. Which means s cannot be pumped. Therefore, L is not regular. Problem 2 2.4 Give context ­free grammars that generate the following languages 1. {w | w starts and ends with the same symbol} R1 0R2 | 1R3 |ε R2 0R4 | 1R2 R3 1R4 | 0R3 R4 0R3 | 1R2 |ε R1 is our starting state. If it takes in a 0, it will go to R2. If it takes...
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