PLS 325 Syllabus - PLS 325: American Executive Process...

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Syllabus and Course Schedule Fall 2010 Instructor: Erin Dolgoy Course Location: Akers Hall, room 138, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:40-2:00 Office Location: 214 S. Kedzie Hall, Michigan State University Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4:15, or by appointment Email: (please write PLS 325 in the subject line) Course Prerequisite: PLS 100 (an equivalent course on American government, or a basic understanding of the American political system). If you do not have a basic understanding of American government or would like to refresh, I encourage you to review a basic American government textbook before the course begins. I am also available to answer questions via email. University Course Description: Role of the president in the U.S. political system. Constitutional questions, presidential selection, presidential power, interbranch relations, and presidential policy making. Detailed Course Description: This course is concerned with the American presidency. Unlike other American politics courses which study the American presidency as an institution in terms of its discrete parts (the president and its relation to Congress and the Judiciary, presidential nomination, presidential selection, foreign relations, etc.), our approach will be one of political development: that is, we will examine the theoretical origins of executive power and then turn to the American executive through a study of its historical development. Course Objectives: The course is designed for advanced political science students. By the end of the course, each student should: 1.Understand the development of the Executive Office from the founding to the present 2.Understand the Origin of the American Presidency 3.Know the powers of the President outlined in the Constitution 4.Be able to discuss the controversy surrounding the Constitutional power of the President 5.Be able to identify the essential contributions of specific presidents to the development of the office 6.Understand the primary political science approaches to the study of the American Presidency 7.Understand the relationship between the Executive Office and the other branches of government 8.Understand the relationship between the President and the American People From a practical perspective, by the end of this course each student should have a greater knowledge of the American political system in particular, and politics in general. As a result, if they choose, each student should be able to make more informed political decisions. 1
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PLS 325 Syllabus - PLS 325: American Executive Process...

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