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Early Asian/Romantic English Poets Essay English 2027, Claffey Due: 9/30, Thursday Requirements: 1,000 words, MLA format, double-spaced, Works Cited page (in correct MLA format), three outside academic sources, including one book (besides the original text that the poems are in . ) PLEASE NOTE: Wikipedia and other non-academic web sites (like do not count as sources. You must use critical essays/texts by literary theorists and critics. (See me if you’re not sure how to find these essays.) Prompt: For this essay, you will investigate one poem from the first two sections of the course reader, either by an Early Asian poet or by an English Romantic poet. You must start the essay by using a dissection/analysis/interpretation of one poem as your primary starting place. First, take apart one poem and then expand those ideas out and weave them together with ideas from other critical texts, essays and books. Also, your essay must refer/define the idea of either Zen Buddhism & Spirituality (Early Asian Poets) or Creative Expression &
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First_Essay_Prompt_Asian_Romantic_Poets - E arly...

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