Argument essay draft - Teens Staying Abstinent Sex is being...

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Teens Staying Abstinent Sex is being exploited everywhere and it's getting out of control. Teens have access through television, the streets and even the Internet. Statistics also show that thirteen million children each year, in the world, is born of girls under the age of twenty. Adults need to express to their children how important staying abstinent is. If they don’t do it who will? Teens can avoid risks such as, unwanted pregnancies, health issues and even death. Abstinence will protect and block a lot of harmful and negative things that come in a teen’s way. At schools they provide students with a health class. These classes are provided to give students examples of what having sex and doing drugs can do to you. Not always are these classes effective though, because according to the age group they can give out limited information. Some parents are even given the choice to not enroll their kids in these classes. I believe that this topic should not have an age limit. Due to all the young children now a day having kids of their own. Abstinence is the only way of being one hundred percent effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Contraceptives can be used such as condoms, Depo shot, vaginal contraceptive ring, the patch, and birth control pills; however, they are not one hundred percent effective. Teenage pregnancy rate has declined, from 77 per 1,000 in the year
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Argument essay draft - Teens Staying Abstinent Sex is being...

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