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Word 2007 MC Chapter 4 - 6 The shortcut key(s instruct(s...

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888cc49d80bf50863f9e611bbaa3592758782731.do c Page 1 of 3 Name ________________________________________ Date _________________ Word 2007: Chapter 4 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the correct response. 1. Which type of proposal offers solutions to a problem or improvement to a situation? a. planning b. research c. sales d. feasibility 2. Which of the SmartArt graphic types shows relationships of parts to a whole? a. List b. Pie c. Matrix d. Process 3. Which of the following is not a character effect type? 4. A __________________ is text or a graphic that is displayed on top of or behind the text in a document.
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888cc49d80bf50863f9e611bbaa3592758782731.do c Page 2 of 3 5. To display formatting applied to text, use the _______________ task pane.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. The shortcut key(s), ________________ instruct(s) Word to place the insertion point at your last editing location. a. SHIFT + ALT b. SHIFT + CTRL c. SHIFT + F5 d. F5 7. With the pages option button selected in the Print dialog box, which of the following would be entered to print staring with page 9 to the end of the document? a. 9 more b. 9 end c. 9-d. 9go 8. A _______________ is text that prints at the bottom of each page. a. header b. footer c. footnote d. section 888cc49d80bf50863f9e611bbaa3592758782731.do c Page 3 of 3 9. Click the _______________ button on the Home tab to display the Find and Replace dialog box. a. Locate b. Search c. Find d. Replace 10. To split table cells, click the Split Cells button on the _______________. a. Home tab b. Split tab c. Table tab d. Layout tab...
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