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Word 2007 MC Chapter 5 - 6 A(n list is a list that contains...

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f83b46362a517a588b26eb6d84982f0bef146097.doc Page 1 of 3 Name ________________________________________ Date ________________ Word 2007: Chapter 5 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the best response. 1. A(n) ________________ contains the constant, or unchanging, text, punctuation, spaces, and graphics of a letter. a. merge document b. data source c. main document d. form letter 2. A ________________ saves time because the word processing program prepares a letter with text and/or formatting common to all the letters. 3. In a data source, each data field must be identified uniquely with a _______________. 4. In the main document, __________________ linked to the data source are called merge fields.
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f83b46362a517a588b26eb6d84982f0bef146097.doc Page 2 of 3 a. field names b. row names c. link names d. merge names 5. The beginning and end of merge fields are marked with _______________.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. A(n) ________________ list is a list that contains several levels of items, with each level displaying a different numeric, alphabetic, or bullet symbol. a. bullet level b. outline numbered c. sequential d. multilevel 7. The value of the IF field is called the ________________. a. field code b. comparison operator c. field results d. header row 8. If you wanted all field codes in a document to be displayed on the screen, press ________________. a. ALT+F9 f83b46362a517a588b26eb6d84982f0bef146097.doc Page 3 of 3 b. SHIFT+TAB c. CTRL+TAB d. CTRL+SHIFT+F9 9. You can verify the order of the data records without printing them by using the _______________ on the Mailings tab. a. View Order command b. List Data button c. View Merged Data button d. Show Data button 10. You can merge all data records in a data source into a single document called a _______________. a. directory b. merge file c. mail merge file d. table file...
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