Word 2007 MC Chapter 6

Word 2007 MC Chapter 6 - a document or in a layer over or...

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96ade2a93b7b2b88b650ccac6833306e91f8fd70.doc Page 1 of 3 Name ________________________________________ Date _________________ Word 2007: Chapter 6 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the correct response. 1. Which of the following are elements of a newsletter? a. Nameplate b. Subhead c. Issue information line d. All of the above 2. Another name for a nameplate is ________________. a. run-around b. ruling line c. subhead d. banner 3. To display the WordArt gallery dialog box, click the WordArt button on the _______________ tab. a. Insert b. Drawing toolbar c. Formatting d. Clip Art Effects 4. To change the shape of a WordArt object, click the Change WordArt Shape button on the __________________ tab to display the WordArt Shape gallery. a. Format b. Drawing
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96ade2a93b7b2b88b650ccac6833306e91f8fd70.doc Page 2 of 3 c. Shape d. View 5. You can insert symbols and mathematical characters using the ________________ dialog box. a. Characters b. Special c. Symbol d. Clip Art 6. A(n) ________________ is an object that can be positioned at a specific location in
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Unformatted text preview: a document or in a layer over or behind text in a document. a. inline object b. floating object c. docked object d. positioning object 7. A _______________ is a large, dropped capital letter that you place at the beginning of a paragraph. a. graphical start letter b. starting letter c. drop letter d. drop cap 8. A ________________ is a container for text that allows you to position the text anywhere on the page. a. text box 96ade2a93b7b2b88b650ccac6833306e91f8fd70.doc Page 3 of 3 b. style sheet c. Clipboard d. PDF 9. To move a text box using the keyboard, select the box and then ________________. a. press Tab and Backspace b. press the arrow keys c. press ALT d. all of the above 10. You can press the _______________ button on the Design tab to increase the indent for a bullet. a. Indent b. Tab c. Demote d. Promote...
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Word 2007 MC Chapter 6 - a document or in a layer over or...

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