Word 2007 MC Chapter 8

Word 2007 MC Chapter 8 - 6. To turn off the text...

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Name: _________________________________ Date: _________________________ Word 2007: Chapter 8 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the correct response. 1. Online forms can ________________. a. enhance office efficiency b. improve access to data c. minimize paper waste d. all of the above 2. Word templates can include items such as ________________. a. the placement of text b. line spacing c. margin settings d. all of the above 3. A Word template has which of the following file extensions? a. .wor b. .tem c. .dotx d. .docx 4. You click the Margins button on the ______________ tab to display the Margins gallery. a. Page Layout b. View c. References
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d. Form Design 5. Word can insert a clip art image as a(n) ________________, that is, as a part of the current paragraph. a. context graphic b. online graphic c. inline graphic d. absolute graphic
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Unformatted text preview: 6. To turn off the text Highlighter, press the ________________ key(s). a. TAB b. ESC c. SHIFT+CTRL d. All of the above 7. To create a form in Word, you need to use the buttons on the _______________ tab. a. Executive b. Developer c. Advanced d. Forms 8. To help identify the locations of cells in a table, you can display ________________, which show(s) cell outlines on the screen. a. gridlines b. contrast c. highlighting d. content controls 9. A selected content control is surrounded by a ________________. a. green wavy line b. red solid line c. blue outline d. yellow dotted line 10. Word provides a ________________ content control, which displays a calendar. a. year master b. date picker c. date wizard d. time & date...
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Word 2007 MC Chapter 8 - 6. To turn off the text...

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