Word 2007 MC Chapter 9

Word 2007 MC Chapter 9 - b. parent c. child d. named theme...

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Name: _________________________________ Date: _________________________ Word 2007: Chapter 9 – Multiple Choice Instructions: Circle the correct response. 1. A ________________ template is a template in which you can store macros. a. macro-fill b. macro-enabled c. macro-version d. macro-document 2. A(n) _______________ is a macro that Word will execute. a. enabled macro b. parent macro c. source macro d. online macro 3. Comments begin with an apostrophe and appear _______________ in the Code window. a. black b. blue c. red d. green 4. To keep unauthorized users from accessing files, save the file with a ______________. a. control b. reserved word
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c. password d. keyword 5. If you use the same text or graphic frequently, you can store the text or graphic in a ________________. a. building block
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Unformatted text preview: b. parent c. child d. named theme 6. A _______________ is an electronic, encrypted, and secure stamp of authentication on a document. a. XSP b. digital signature c. digital certificate d. signature line 7. XML uses _______________ to describe data items. a. properties b. building blocks c. files d. tags 8. A(n) ________________ is a special type of XML file that describes the layout of elements in other XML files. a. XML schema b. HTML c. digital signature d. parent 9. Word uses the URI, also called a(n) ________________, to refer to a schema. a. XML b. URL c. domain d. namespace 10. Elements subordinate to the parent are called _______________ elements. a. orphan b. sub c. child d. master...
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Word 2007 MC Chapter 9 - b. parent c. child d. named theme...

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