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Some business ethicists maintain that personal ethics is "right" and "wrong" behavior, but business ethics is about "appropriate" behavior. Do you agree with that statement? Do personal and business ethics ever overlap? Should personal ethics play any role in business ethical decision making? “Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right.” ~ Isaac Asimov In the real world every person would have proper ethics. The fact is that no one person’s ethics are the same as the others. To me there is a fine line between personal ethics and business ethics, sometimes the line can be crossed but sometimes it shouldn’t be. Think of an business as another “person” with its own set of ethics, which will or will not coincide with each employee’s ethics. I myself, used to be an Assistant Manager at Wal-mart, and as a supervisor I came across many tough decisions using ethics. For example, I had an employee who told a customer that they were no longer allowed to shop at this particular store. The reasoning behind his decision,
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