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Case #3 As pedestrians exited at the close of an art and crafts show, Jason Davis, an employee of the show’s producer, stood near the exit. Suddenly and without warning, Davis turned around and collided with Yvonne Esposito, an eighty-year-old woman. Esposito was knocked to the ground, fracturing her hip. After hip-replacement surgery, she was left with a permanent physical impairment. Esposito filed a suit in a federal district court against Davis and others, alleging negligence. What do you think? [ Esposito v. Davis , 47 F.3d 164 (5 th Cir. 1995)] Issue : Whether Yvonne Esposito was knocked to the ground, fracturing her hip, and had hip-replacement based on Jason Davis being negligent. This should be a paraphrase of the case above. This should give the reader an idea of what happened if they aren’t provided with the case which is written above. Rule : Standing to sue. Negligence Application : A standing to sue means the party bringing the lawsuit must have a sufficient or justifiable controversy.
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