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Here are the questions from the textbook, for Assignment #1. Advertising: Auto Mileage What is the average miles per gallon (mpg) for all new cars? Using Consumer Reports , a random sample of 35 new cars gave an average of 21.1 mpg. Identify the variable. - Fuel Consumption Is the variable quantitative or qualitative? - quantitative What is the implied population? - All new cars Ecology: Wetlands Government agencies carefully monitor water quality and its effect on wetlands (Reference: Environmental Protection Agency Wetland Report EPA 832-R-93-005). Of particular concern is the concentration of nitrogen in water draining from fertilized lands. Too much nitrogen can kill fish and wildlife. Twenty-eight samples of water were taken at random from a lake. The nitrogen concentration (milligrams of nitrogen per liter of water) was determined for each sample. Identify the variable. - nitrogen concentration (mg nitrogen/l water) Is the variable quantitative or qualitative? - qualitative What is the implied population? -
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Unformatted text preview: The Lake the sample was taken from Business: Levels of Measurement Categorize these measurements associated with a robotics company according to level: nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio. Salespersons performance: below average, average, above average - Ordinal Price of companys stock - Ratio Names of new products - Nominal Temperature (F) in CEOs private office - Interval Gross income for each of the past 5 years - Ratio Color of product packaging - Nominal Education: Teacher Evaluation If you were going to apply statistical methods to analyze teacher evaluations, which question form, A or B, would better? Form A : In your own words, tell how this teacher compares with other teachers you have had. Form B : Use the following scale to rank your teacher as compared with other teachers you have had. 1 2 3 4 5 Worst below average average above average best Remember to post your responses in Collaboration under the appropriate thread....
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