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Experimental Design What does it mean to take a census? It means to gather data (measurements or observations) from the entire population, not just from a sample. What is an observational study? It is a way of gathering information of individuals or objects without changing the response or variable that is being measured or documented. What is an experimental study? It is a way of gathering data or information by deliberately imposing a treatment on the individuals or objects being studied. What is a treatment? It is anything you do in order to observe a possible change. Including, using a placebo. What is a placebo? ……………. .Just kidding! That’s enough of that. This section looks at ways to conduct experiments and the differences in conducting an experiment and making an observation. I’m sure you are all capable of reading the text and making note of the highlighted terms as you read. Vocabulary is a big part of this course, so make sure you ask questions if
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