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great books - who love each other but their families do not...

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Natalya Nakonechna Comp 090 9-29-10 Paragraph Six Great books I think a lot of authors shows us in their books how to live right what to do in your life and how to do. Some of them are telling us their life story their experience that we can use in our life. For example like William Shakespeare show us in hes book Romeo and Juliet a true love that at our time love must be pure, trustful, and forever. Its a book the story of life of not easy life for two yang people
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Unformatted text preview: who love each other but their families do not like their relationship and end of this book is so sad but still its everything about true love. I love this poem because it teaches us that if you have the person who you really love you must take care of her till the last day of your life, and be together always in problem days and happy days always together....
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