Autumn Landscape - This artist's most famous...

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Unformatted text preview: This artist's most famous self-portraits, still lifes, and cityscapes were done between March 1886 and February 1888. At this time period, Van Gogh lived in Paris, France, and his style shifted from a darker manner to a more postimpressionist style. Some of Van Gogh's best works are included in his self-portraits. One interesting fact about the way this artist drew his portraits was that he drew from life by using a mirror. Although he used brilliant colors, he often created a depressing mood. His compositions filled the entire surface and were flat. Swirling forms are seen through his long, straight brush strokes. Van Gogh also used thick paint in his art work. The children will learn many of these important facts and will expand their knowledge by finding more information on the Internet. Why does he paint distorted images? When we view people, places & events, our minds record an image of what we see, but that image is not precise. It's only our perception of what we experienced. Van Gogh's paintings image is not precise....
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Autumn Landscape - This artist's most famous...

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