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Jacqueline Leung Evaluation Throughout the past few weeks, we have been working on the topic “Culture”. At the beginning of this topic, we have been producing a spider diagram in order to show our own ideas toward the topic. After dropping down our ideas, we started to work on different cultures or different countries, and we started off by producing a tonal copy of an Indian Goddess. This is a really challenging piece of drawing, since the patterns of the statue are quite complicated. By drawing this, I have been looking closely to the Indian culture. This also helped me to develop the idea of Chinese culture, since the Gods and Goddess in both India and China are very similar. After producing this tonal drawing, I have started doing research on cultures of different countries, and I started off by looking at the traditional costumes of China and Japan. Drawing Chinese and Japanese costumes is a really good way to obverse line and tone, since the patterns on the costumes are very fine. After producing a few
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