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English Literature Essay - Jacqueline Leung 10K English...

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Jacqueline Leung 10K English Literature Essay In this essay, I am going to analyse and compare the two poems “Half-past Two” and “My Parents Kept Me from Children who were Rough” in order to show how is the two boys’ situations are different. I will be comparing the structure and the language of the two poems. The structure of these two poems is very different. The structure of the poem “Half-past Two” is just like telling a story, and it can show the order of the whole story clearly. The first two stanzas introduce how the story begins. In the first two stanzas, it says, “Once upon a schooltime, He did Something Very Wrong…and must Stay in the school-room till half-past two”, this is how the whole event occurs. In the third stanza, it says, “Being cross, she’d forgotten She hadn’t taught him Time.” The quotation shows us that the boy had never learnt about time, so he doesn’t have any concepts of time. The phrase “half-past two” has confused the boy. The following three stanzas discuss how the boy knows about time, for example “Gettinguptime”, “TVtime” and “Timeformykisstime”. Also in stanza five, it tells us how the boy knows the clock, “He knew the clockface, the little eyes And two long legs for walking,” And again, these show us that the boy does not have any idea of time or half- past two but only some particular times in his every day’s routine. These particular times are just like the times on the clock for the boy. The seventh stanza and the eighth stanza talks about how helpless and confuse the boy felt when he got trapped into the school-room. In the seventh stanza, it says, “So he waited, beyond onceupona, Out of reach of all the timefors, And knew he’d escaped for ever.” This stanza shows us the idea of the occurrence of confusion, and how the boy kept waiting for the unknown-half-past-two. In the tenth stanza, it says, “So she slotted him back into schooltime, And he got home in time for teatime, Nexttime, notimeforthatnowtime,” This shows to idea
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English Literature Essay - Jacqueline Leung 10K English...

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