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Descriptive Writing – Contrasts It’s so calm and quiet. The only sounds are the whispers of the leaves that are dancing on the tree which stands right besides the school gate. The reddish - brown feathered birds are standing on the branches and singing with their squeaky and chirpy voice. I walk in the campus, passing through a sea green coloured school gate which has the smell of paint on it. The first thing that reflects into my eyes is a huge football field with green grasses covering it like icing on top of a cake. I sit on the green grasses, flesh smell filling my whole body coming in through my nose. Sitting on the grasses is just like sitting on a bed. So soft, so clam. The grasses are still a bit wet, with the tears that fell from the sky. The wind keeps touching my face softly and whispering to me, saying that how beautiful the world is. The football field is huge, and I feel so small. Looking at the sky, the heavy clouds have just passed, which left the hidden sun showing its face to the
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