It is the day of the wedding

It is the day of the wedding - wanted to get even with...

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In the morning, some noises from their apartment woke me up, and I heard Eddie arguing with his wife Beatrice and Catherine. I knew that it was Catherine’s wedding day, because a few days ago they sent me an invitation of their wedding. I think probably their argument was about Catherine’s wedding, since I knew that Eddie didn’t really want Catherine to get marry and leave him. And then a few minutes later, Rodolfo arrived and he wanted to take Catherine to the church. At that time, Eddie was very angry and he came out from the apartment following with Beatrice and Catherine. Eddie was mad and he was shouting on the street. He was shouting Marco’s name and he
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Unformatted text preview: wanted to get even with Marco, for ruining his good name in the neighbourhood. Beatrice tried to calm him and she told him that the reason he was angry is because he was about to lose Catherine for ever – but this truth fired Eddie up even more. And then Marco arrived. He was calling Eddie’s name. Eddie went to meet him in the street and demanded a public apology. Instead, Marco called him an “animal”. And then Eddie drew a knife, but Marco was able to grip Eddie’s wrist and turned the knife in Eddie himself. Marco killed Eddie and Eddie died in Beatrice’s arms. These are what I saw on that day....
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It is the day of the wedding - wanted to get even with...

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