necklace essay final draft - Jacqueline Leung 10K How does...

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Jacqueline Leung 10K How does Guy de Maupassant present the female characters in his short story “The Necklace”? In this essay, I am going to examine how the author of the short story “The Necklace” presents the female characters. I am also going to analyse the literature techniques that are used in this story. The story is set in 19 th France, when society was divided into different social classes. At that time, women were powerless and they needed to rely on men. Women would only choose to marry within their social class or above their classes. If the women were from the middle or higher class, they would not work at all and they would rely on their husbands or fathers financially. In this story, the main female character, Madame Loisel, is from the lower middle class. We know this because her father needed to work and she got married to a junior clerk. From the first paragraph of the story, the author creates a sense of sympathy towards Madame Loisel. The narrator tells us that Madame Loisel is one of those “pretty, charming young women who have had the ill-fortune to be born into a wage-earning family.” It also tells us that “She had no dowry, no prospects, no opportunities of getting to know some rich and distinguished man who might have understood her, loved her and made her his wife.” At this point, the audience would feel sympathy towards her due to her social statues and how she is restricted by her class into marrying a lower class man. And the phrase “made her his wife” can also show us the idea of how the decisions are all made by men. This creates sympathy towards Madame Loisel due to her powerlessness of being a woman and being controlled by men. In this paragraph, the narrator only uses “She” or “her” to describe Madame Loisel instead of using her name. This creates the impression to the audience that Madame Loisel is not important at all, and it also shows a lack of respect towards this female character. In the third paragraph, the narrator starts using negative language to describe Madame Loisel – “She was in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction, because she felt that luxuries and soft living were her natural birthright.” From this, we can see that she is not satisfied with her life and she is very materialistic. She believes that wealth and riches are her right and she deserves to have it all. This is the point where I started to lose sympathy for her. On line fifteen, it
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necklace essay final draft - Jacqueline Leung 10K How does...

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