Personal Language History - Jacqueline Leung 10K Personal...

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Jacqueline Leung 10K Personal Language History Fourteen years ago somewhere in Hong Kong, there born a baby girl. Her parents were very happy and they said to this baby girl, “How are you? From now on, you are called Leung Hiu Nam. It means ‘facing the south’.” This is a Chinese family, and from that day onwards, the baby girl lived in this family and started learning her mother tongue language - Cantonese. The baby girl grew up in a Cantonese environment. Everyone spoke Cantonese at home, the TV programmes were all in Cantonese, and the people on the street all spoke Cantonese. These factors influenced her, and at her age of one, she learned her first Chinese words – “Da Da”, which means “hit” or “beat” in English. At that time, her mother started teaching her English, which was an absolute new language to her. Her first English words that were taught by her mother were “blue balloon”. Her family are all Christians, therefore at her age of three, her parents started taking her to the church. It was a Chinese church and everyone there spoke Cantonese. There was where she started learning to read Chinese characters, since reading bible was one of the most important things to do in the church. Part of her language skill has come from there. At her age of four, she began her school career. She attended a kindergarten which was called “Good Time Kindergarten”. The school claimed that it was a “Chinese-English” kindergarten, but actually all the subjects were taught using Cantonese except English lesson. She started to learn proper Chinese there and she had also learned some simple English words such as “A for apple, B for boy, C for cat…” Although there were English lessons every day, she couldn’t learn much from them, because the English teachers there were not native English speakers, and they had got a very strong Chinese accent. At
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Personal Language History - Jacqueline Leung 10K Personal...

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