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The Necklace - tilt Lov—JEL 1 Cum“ Val“ I...

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Unformatted text preview: tilt-(.- Lov—JEL 1-.- Cum“ Val“ I Mat-enotttshl ; qufi r doesn't c1 .';f,.N(s',-,-,.m ”gt/mat L43: testis: Movxlflw—ffl . L-EW-fiv'CJ-‘Jl't-“k .. ._4 (ink-3 Lulu” - — _ - _ smut-1e; 1+3. H LDtjEL '- qcr‘iemub, Lomb- ”VJ-*5 In W MHE ; 10L!“ . 1.Mc-l--'53'_'--"‘-l .; ,. .2») 9v"--;:*>¢‘r'-'~r-'.= ,eaeiq ptmd ' wqemmw—I, "Zt'. li'Tr-rl'r‘*";"-K.. ’ (Walt KM” LEW-3‘! 'jucMWQI _L\-,gn'<. 1v“) [fifth 1h; “:3 1' \ 'hk'HDCQ‘ - Walk (bulkhead 1' «petal-L" . d. “Mam 6095*"? Mont bug“ chair-law!» om iflyow-En .cloear'“. 112:4; r. . (Lila: «Kw: 9‘4 La'v‘fl'm” The Necklace F W ,. 3 / , was" . ‘x a «on ..1 .r’ "H D! J" , 1’ ' COflfiW-IVA-I {Wan—é fluffy," w\-w-Irqu~-\pl ,ng J: \HoJI// l Ma‘s...“ .__,/ l' JEN; D's-W \‘h. . t a} h ‘" ‘t‘lli h ' " h h h dlh ‘ll- '-’-°’ q. 1, \.,\S_ ewas on‘eo ose pretty, c arming ung women w o ave a_____ e L. .x ‘0 fortune to be born into a wage-earning amily. She had no dowry,--'no prospects, _ g “a "0 “Wit": Ed" no opportunities of getting to know some rich and distinguished man who mightffi “33,1“, “WW-99 ‘?““"‘ 6:: HEEQ understood her, loved herLMr his wife. Consequently, sheietwfijf , ‘ herself drift into marriage with a junior clerk in the Ministry of Public Instructionfé‘xlnaéfu ..wféwfivmf ”Though her tastes were simple, anything else having been out of the questionfif‘f“ m 1 0"J‘et‘c;:.iio\ Masha felt as unhappy as though she had come down in the world. Among women, it sat ,wa' . lot“? ' - - ”v. *3 caste and birth are meaningless. Beauty, sw s and charm take the place for w 5.45"" ..__,_,_ g.‘ . . - - - - - t. (séo‘imlh-ka lue Blooa{and family connections. W, instinctive elegance, and -’ 10 adaptability are the only degrees in their _ aerarchy any can makel of working girls mamas}. the equals of great ladies. high “ohms =1 ”.5!“ ‘, .1,st 3. £3931:qu (£3; P She was in a perpetual state of d ssa‘fls action, because she felt that luxuries . . and soft living were h atural bi ri ht. The furnished flat in which she had to ,0 T“? % {£33, its squalid wallpapers, its shabby chairs, its hideous curtains and upholstery, 331‘s womm ‘ re a constant source of torment to her. These things, which another woman ,M 1 A, with abackground similar to her own might not have even noticed, she found be , M’_ 'C’ i tu,_ hug warflfiendurable and degraHi-figTTfiE'sTgthf‘fhe girl who did the humble domestic “6'9“ l“ : WW chores filled her with hopeless longings and idle dreams. She conjured up a “Mm vision of hushed entrance halls, hung with oriental fabrics and lit by bronze 20 sconces, of tall footmen in knee-breeches dozing in deep armchairs in the drowsy warmth of a great stove. She dwelt in imagination on vast salons adorned with antique silks, on elegant tables littered with priceless knick-knacks, on perfumed boudoirs where she would sit in the late afternoons chatting with Ms Sui-t ' ,1 a we El - __men well known and sought after, such as every woman wants to havexgancing levefi, mt afield i Q,- {,5 attendance on her. “WW “..__ 'stQ- with mm, . "i 335, " When she sat down to dinner with her husband at the round table overe w "WM Wire/1v ' 3 a three—day—old Cloth, and heard him say , with a delighted expres on on his face, . ,, '- . TESL“ as he lifted the top from the soup tureen, WM 993% J‘tettni ii 5” _. etter than that!’ she let her mind run on delicious dishes n exquisite “W- ‘v-'-l.\l\-. --’t05t2€3miqf 3/ 30 porcelain, on whispered gallantries. andThe s inx—lilfia'smile with which she we draw . i would listen to them while eating the pink fies f a trout ort e f a chicken. l she cared about. 5 5 en opu ar. and courted.._— ‘b' ”aag‘emfijutqg av. . ‘ She had one en , woman she had kn convent days. But she 3,59 1“,, a, ma thlClEENRCSj no longer went to see her, only too well aware, fro experien that everything ‘2: ”YT-7] seemed so much worse at home when she got back Cfiafl expeditions. For days on end she would cry and c , she one of tl‘1\=.)se\rma t." ' ing tears of ' ery, o‘, i _ regret, despair, and anguish. H . 3* L ..w . x mace-a I 4Qfl~0ne evening, her husband came home lookingunusuall pleased, With a large fiwt l .5? envelope In his hand. ' - “disk A”, a ' 'This is something for you,_’ he said. (3‘2, ‘ W?“ ‘3 “T” l _ guard W Abe uickly tore open the envelope and took from it a card on which were ; 3:36“ NW flog engraved e o 9 words: ! \b E ‘ l emyetm'gflflg- ... ' c—a—---.__ not mount of A? was. we? . r -—~ Eda-mysmw“ me 3.»: MA «fiat _ {(-\\ A‘QC} g, om\\'\‘i\.}) _. X; UB‘Ex-x’u’tms - bgé MI“ ' ‘ 34 Anthology — London Examinations IGCSE in English Language (4355) Publication Code: UG013433 Issue 1, April 2003 ' ' s J a L f The Minister of Public instruction and "§ . - Mme Georges Ramponneau i; q”: Request the pleasure mi\\1 ‘6'- Of the com an of p ,, gs M. AND MME LOIShEL g: - 50 On Monday evening, the 18' of January _ . . At the Ministry new ‘i stainless-tsp Ir ami- wives-nets . Instead of being overjoyed, as her husband had__ . . - . .- threw the card on . thetablejng et, saying in a complaining-voice: - ' . ., _ ’l'n~‘-‘7"-"‘,AA’_‘What use isgtfis to me?’...:-s.~:‘$’ WW -- - ' ' " ' n S A; ”"1 3: "But darlin , Ithought you would be pleased. You nev go out, and this is a. I y 2" " ce not to be missed. I had the greatest difficutty ' getting an invitation. r Ion‘lioé‘ .7 J Everyone is longing to be asked. It is a ve smart ccasion, and Dogmany of the a? 3, staff have been invited. You will meet all the wrath .. - e!' - «we. "ism“? “is ““th . i .F. ’ a An angry look came intcTfier eyes as she Impa n We. ' -: Kiwi \ @xhifi '3 60-: 'And how do you expect me to dress for this , art occasion?’ __ ___/ %j;&%‘s%v 9 s, This problem had not occurred to him/ -. fwwlgtflgfw.m%fid on set: E ‘Why',W ‘that little from-“suppose, which ’you Em ,.on when i- go to fry. figs We re; I must say, it always looks very nice to me...’ - My) xv- He slowly stopped speaking, for his wife was crying. Twolargglggfififilew'” .. " ,5 {its ' slowly moving down her cheeks, from the corners of her eyes to the corners of\$‘es3‘ .. Q, melee her mouth. At the sight of them he felt dumbfoundg/d and be_wil_d§[ed. saws? "ix! , kerb”, _ ‘W...what’s the matter?’ he stammered. e dismissiv- 93*- , ,i.‘ ' .By-avielent—efiefisham-coveféff’her self-control and answered in a calm voice > ELK-Md“ / while she dabbed at her tear—stained face: mm"; . New, aksvtatlt’o ‘Nothing...except that I haven’t a thing to wear. I can’t possibly go to this party. vii-m h}r}ia\k'l?. ,- bdx sun hat tel You had better give the card to one of your colleagues whose wife has a more ' gale “New look extensive wardrobe than mine.’ use RWY-,gtwne ties. to he rampant i—Ie was miserable. Hyfi‘isfimmei Q, ‘mv rv Rev “@543”??? Q5” “”4? 02‘) Look here, Mathilde, he sald: How much would the rlght klnd of ress cos . . l “at, m I,“ something simple, I mean, which you could wear on other occasions?’ mic flak -ciwmy' She thought for a while, totting up figures in her head, and wondering how much i she could ask for without meeting with an immediate refusal and an exclamation with“ of horror from her gheese arin erk of a husband. Min “h slid/331mm, tom Hacksaw has _ _ . ,\ h‘u-' ' .\ .- .‘At last, WIth some heSItatlozn, shge apnea: ‘Josewies so :st first"? ’énfésflsffag’fi 39%| if 80 I can t tell to a penny, but I think I could manage With four hundred francs. SIS if a in - Tl His face went slightly pale, for he had been keeping in reserve pre0lse__ly that. " _‘ Wm” sum with the object of buying a gun, so as to be able to treat himself to a few use“ . .~. i. i oiltings in the summer in the plain of Nanterre, with a few friends who went there " "“gf ' > for the Iark-Shooting.—-o§y<\'(tv\ahlu3&mvfit Tim. . names a. mi ' Nevertheless, he said: “mi We“ mange this ln'v (Mme /&fm-m * - ‘Right, you shall have your four hundred francs. But try to make it a really nice dress.’ . 5th.?" The day of the party was approaching, but there was something depressed, uneasy, and anxious about Madame Loisei, though her dress was ready. One 90 evening herbhusband said: _ ‘What‘s wrong? You have been acting very strangely for the last few days.’ o'l'jms 'Itvexe; me’, she answered, ‘to think that I have no jewellery, not a single thing ., to Wear with my dress. 1 shall look like a poor relation. I would rather stay away from the party than go like that.’ Anthology — London Examinations IGCSE in English Language (4355} Publication Code: UGG‘13433 35 Issue 1, April 2003 ...
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