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English Monologue - English Monologue Why does everyone...

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English Monologue Why does everyone think Rodolfo is smart and good at everything, I mean, I am the master of the house, and I can do everything better than him. If it wasn’t me, probably he is now sleeping on the street. I have totally lost my respects. He took away everything from me. He even took away Catherine from me. No! He can’t just take her away from me, I mean, I have been living with her since she was a baby! For god’s sake! And now, a stranger who hardly knows her is taking her away from me! Now Catherine hates me because of that bastard! Yesterday night I was so confused with my feelings, and after work I went to a bar nearby for drink. Guess what I saw when I got home. I saw Catherine walking out of the bedroom and she looked so… so… tired. I could see that she was hiding something from me. Then I saw Rodolfo walking out of the same room. I was so shocked. I really wanted to kill that boy. I told him to get out of my house immediately. Alone. Without Catherine.
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