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Test 4 #1

Test 4 #1 - Marriage and Families a Different societies...

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I. Marriage and Families a. Different societies have different rules about marriage, but the basic function is to reproduce i. Provide for the care of people who cannot take care of themselves. This usually falls on the family 1. Children, elderly, etc. ii. The family provides the oldest means for social organization 1. Before we had governments, societies were organized by kinships. These were called clans. iii. Most of us will have two families in our life time. 1. Family of Origin a. The family we are born in including our parents and our siblings. 2. Family of Procreation a. When we get married and have children of our own iv. Patrilineal 1. Societies that follow the line of descent from father to son. v. Matrilineal 1. The line of descent is from mother to daughter vi. These rules not only figure out kinship and a line of descent, they are often related to inheritance (who will get the family property) 1. In patrilineal, it is the sons who inherit 2. In matrilineal, it is the daughters who will. 3. There are also bilineal societies. a. The line of descent follows the fathers side and the mothers side b. Rules of Endogamy i. Must pick marriage partner within a certain group. ii. These can be formal or informal rule iii. Ex: Many religions have rules that you must marry someone in the religion iv. Census of intermarriages (percent) Men 1990 2000 White/ Non- Hispanic 3.0 4.0 African-American 8.3 14.2 Native American 58.8 56.8 Asian-American 50.2 45.8 Hispanic 35.3 31.9 1. Why are black men intermarrying 14.2% and only 5.9 of African-American women intermarrying? c. Exogamy i. Rules that say we have to marrying outside of groups. 1. Ex: incest Women 1990 2000 White/ Non- Hispanic 3.1 4.3 African-American 3.3 5.0 Native American 60.3 58.5 Asian-American 58.3 59.6 Hispanic 34.2 30.7
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a. Can’t marry parents, siblings, etc. 2. Different societies have different ideas about incest a. Some societies make people marry their first cousin d. True Monogamy i. One spouse only ii. We like to think that our society is monogamous. 1. In the US, 50% of marriages end in divorce and people can get remarried. e. Serial Monogamy i. More than one spouse, but only have one at a time f. Polygamy i. A person can have more than one spouse at the same time ii. Polygyny 1. A man can have more than one wife 2. Common around the world. Polygyny often gives the idea that women are property and have very little status. 3. In these societies, it may not be considered such a bad thing on the part of women. It can be rational choice because in most of these societies there is a high degree of inequality (small percentage is wealthy, most are poor). a. Women would rather have a part of the wealth rather than be poor iii. Polyandry 1. A women can have more than one husband 2. This is relatively rare (exists in Asia and the Himalayans) a. There are still rules and you can’t just pick who you want to marry. b.
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Test 4 #1 - Marriage and Families a Different societies...

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