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The Analysis of - AP English 11 (Revised Essay Analysis)...

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AP English 11 (Revised Essay Analysis) Ms. B. Jundt The Analysis of “The Company Man” prepared by Andre Pagan “The Company Man” is based on a character named Phil who works himself to death, “finally and precisely at 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning”, after a lifetime of workaholic tendencies. In this essay, author Ellen Goodman conveys a message by using several rhetorical devices. For the author, Phil represented the perfect type-A workaholic, who was sedentary and overweight, and did not have any extracurricular interests or time for his family. Her narrative uses repetition and numbers to symbolize deadlines and type- A personalities. It also includes sentences with double dashes to express doubt and generic terms to indicate a plurality, not just Phil or his wife. She uses rhetorical devices, when referring to Phil’s time of death, to show how working hard is not always a good thing because life can vanish in a second. A workaholic like Phil will eventually suffer a downfall and in Phil’s case, his
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The Analysis of - AP English 11 (Revised Essay Analysis)...

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