History of Talladega

History of Talladega - Lopez 1 Penelope Lopez Floretta...

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Lopez 1 Penelope Lopez Floretta James Dortch Professional Development 9/9/09 The History of Talladega College Talladega College is located in Talladega, Alabama . It is a private , liberal arts college. It holds the distinction as Alabama 's oldest historically black college. As of 2009 the school received full SACS accreditation. Talladega College was founded on November 20, 1865. Two former slaves, William Savery and Thomas Tarrant, both of Talladega, met in convention with a group of new freedmen in Mobile, Alabama. From this meeting came the commitment: “. ..We regard the education of our children and youths as vital to the preservation of our liberties, and true religion as the foundation of all real virtue, and shall use our utmost endeavors to promote these blessings in our common country” (Home of the Amistad Murals-Talladega College Website). Savery and Tarrant, with the help of General Wager Swayne of the Freedmen’s Bureau, began providing a school for the children of former slaves of the community. They constructed a one-room schoolhouse, using lumber from an abandoned carpenter’s shop. The school was full with pupils from its opening, and soon it was necessary to move into larger quarters. A nearby Baptist Academy was about to be sold when a speedy plea for its purchase was sent to General
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History of Talladega - Lopez 1 Penelope Lopez Floretta...

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