Annotations - Benedict, Jeffrey R., and Jeff Benedict....

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Benedict, Jeffrey R., and Jeff Benedict. Athletes and Acquaintance Rape. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1998. Print. College players don’t know what goes to waste once they leave college couple years early and go straight into the pros. First, they don’t get the education that they need to accomplish their intended major. Second, if they get a scholarship from the school, half of the money goes to waste. Third, they miss out on all the other opportunities a college student gets. For example, a social life with all your friends but once you go into the next level, all you have it money, fame, cars, clothes, and sometimes that’s not even enough for some people. Clary, Jason. "College Vs. Pros: Should Athletes Leave School Early?". Aug. 31, 2010 < be-allowed-to-leave-school-early>. There are good reasons to drop out of school and join a professional athletic career as well as good reasons to continue going to school. Reasons to go join a professional athletic career include earning a lot of money quickly and preventing injury in college. Reasons to continue on with school include having a secure future, become more mature, and gain knowledge. After weighing out the pros of both options, the pros of staying in school exceed those of dropping out because it will prepare you more for the long run. Duderstadt, James. Intercollegiate Athletics and the American University: A University President's Perspective . 1st ed. Chicago, IL: University of Michigan Press, 2003New . Print. The luring of underclass athletes prematurely into professional careers is obviously a very short-range strategy both for the students and the professional teams. Few student- athletes have either the emotional or competitive maturity to adapt easily to the professional lifestyle. Although they certainly can earn substantial income and even contribute their athletic talents to professional teams, it is likely that they will have sacrificed not only their educational opportunities but also their professional longevity by leaving college prematurely. Eitzen, Stanley. Sport in contemporary society: an anthology . 8th ed. Paradigm Publishers, 2009. Print. Both college coaches and officials, and the media, tend to assume that such declining
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Annotations - Benedict, Jeffrey R., and Jeff Benedict....

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