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BUSM 310 FINAL Exam Fall 2010 - Ethics HR laws Technology...

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BUSM 310 FINAL EXAM Instructor: Dr. Helena Hannonen Semester: Fall 2010 Date: Per Schedule in SOB #135 Final Exam: 1 This final is worth 100 points. Grading is done based on the level of your answers from “define the term” to “synthesis” (Bloom’s taxonomy). There is no written part to this examination. Following is a list to topics you may get questions from: Max Weber Dewitt Jones Power Outsourcing Global model Matrix organization Goal-setting theory Diversity Smart Goals Conflict styles Job enlargement Path-goal theory EU Affirmative Action Social responsibility Empowerment Kohlberg model LMX Ethics
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Unformatted text preview: Ethics HR laws Technology life cycle Virtual teams Team development Leadership Grid Social loafing QWL programs Conflict Management Boston Group Model Team leadership Entrepreneur model Vroom Model EGR theory Management Reward systems Staffing HR planning TQM JIT Ethics Codes Functional organizations Incubators NAFTA Norming Benchmarking Strategic planning Leadership Groupthink External environment Scientific Management Force Field Analysis Skunk works Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Goal theory Performance reinforcement Hackman Oldham Intrapreneur Universalism...
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