Dianas paper - C months went by years went by slowly but surely they lost touch with him out of mind delilah she threw herself into her studie s

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Sheet1 Page 1 Delilah answers the door. It was a stranger, someone she had never met before. He was stranded and delilah's house was th e (dont forget to describe him) The stranger was so thankful for delilah's services, he offered to take her to dinner. At first, she was hesitant, but clearly her s t o the stranger notices her change of heart for food, and proceeds to ask her what was the matter. seeing that he was only a stra n She met derek one summer night at the lake she frequented with her girlfriends every sunday. to get away from everything. it w School was about to start again, Derek was looking for a change in his life and was about to move to california for a new start
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Unformatted text preview: . C months went by, years went by, slowly but surely they lost touch. with him out of mind, delilah she threw herself into her studie s She ends up having a few cocktails and admires the city view from the lush balcony and thinks to herself how far she's come, y Then before putting out her cigarette, a man approaches her asking for a light. Eager to light his cigarette, she takes notice of The next day, as she prepares for her final presentation to the California executives. The execs are seated and the meeting p r o...
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