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Sarah Yim Persuasive Outline Problem-Cause-Solution Specific Purpose: I would like for my audience to believe CCSC has been a great assistance to many needy families in the innercity Houston community. I would like my audience to invest their time in volunteering for services. Attention Getter: Talk about Houston’s situation with families that need us, our neighbors in the innercity. Background Info: Give statistics and analysis about the difficulties suffering families in Houston face. *Texas is number one in the nation in the percentage of households at risk for going hungry. (United States Dept. of Agriculture) Relevance: How do you feel when helping out those who are less fortunate than us? According to audience analysis, 50% of the survey has not helped in a charity but 100% feel positive or some sort of satisfaction when helping these people. Credibility: Recall memorable incident in high school when adopting a French refugee family from Cameroon. It was a heartwarming experience. Preview/Thesis: There are many families with children starving in innercity Houston. With our help by donating food, we can alleviate and impact the lives of these children for the better. BODY
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Persuasive Outline CCSC - Sarah Yim Persuasive Outline...

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